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How do I access online resources from off campus?

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In order to use the library databases from off campus, you must first log in to the library's authentication system. After clicking the resource you want to use, you will automatically be prompted to log in. Use your NYU-Poly email user ID and ID number to log in. Use the same information to login to your library account to renew books online.

You can also connect remotely to NYU-Poly's VPN (virtual private network). When you use the VPN, all Poly accounts should function as if you are actually on campus. 
Alternatively, you can connect to Bobst Library from off campus with your NetID login or via NYU's VPN.

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Do I have access to NYU's Bobst Library?

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Yes, you can use your valid NYU ID card to enter Bobst Library.
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What if the book I want to borrow is not on the shelf?

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First, check the book’s record in the catalog and make sure is not marked  “course reserve”  or “reference.”  If it is part of the circulating collection, and you cannot find it on the shelf, come to the service desk and let a librarian know.  We will try and locate it and contact you when it is found. If the book is lost, you can request a copy from another library.
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How do I login to BobCat?

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Use your NYU NetID (located on the back of your NYU ID card) and password to login to BobCat. You must activate your NetID and set up a password if you have not done so already (see:http://www.nyu.edu/its/netid).
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How do I print from my laptop?

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First, you must install the print management software (Pharos) on your computer. Download instructions for installing printing software on your laptop here:
* Pharos Installation Guide for Windows (PDF)
* Pharos Installation Guide for Mac (PDF)
For additional help, stop by the information systems laptop help desk in 339 Rogers Hall.
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How do I find full text journal articles?

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Many of the databases the library subscribes to include full text articles, while others include only citations and abstracts. The full text icon  indicates which databases contain full text articles. Keep in mind, certain databases that offer full text may not offer full text for every single article, but you can usually limit your results to include only full text articles.

Databases that do not offer full text, may use an article-linker (called SFX) to link to the full text. Theses databases are indicated by this icon:.  When you see a button in your search results that looks like:  click on it to access full text options. You may need to sign into another database using your NYU NetID.  Read more about SFX.

Make sure you access databases through the library website to retrieve full text. If Dibner Library does not have access to a full text copy the article, you can request it from another library.

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Do I have access to other NYU libraries besides Bobst?

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      Fine Arts     Real Estate     Courant (Math)    Dental      Law     Medical
Engineering Students Yes Yes Yes No      Yes* No
Yes Yes Yes Yes    Yes Yes

* Access for uniquely held items only. A letter from a professor or librarian is required, stating the period of time access is needed and the material needed.

Please note that access may not include borrowing privileges. Contact a Dibner librarian for further details.

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Can I return a book from another NYU library to Dibner Library?

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Yes, you can return items you borrowed from Bobst or Courant Libraries to Dibner Library.
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How do I find out my NYU NetID and password?

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Your NetID is printed on the back of your NYU ID card. You can set up a password by following the instructions here: http://start.nyu.edu

For more information on NYU IT services, read the IT Services FAQ.

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Can I use other non-NYU libraries in the city?

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Yes, NYU School of Engineering is a member of local library cooperatives that allow you various degrees of access to their resources.

Academic Libraries of Brooklyn (ALB)
With an ALB card (available at the service desk) and a valid NYU ID, School of Engineering faculty and students may visit any of the libraries below and borrow up to two items at a time.
Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO)
As part of the METRO cooperative, you may visit over 250 member libraries in the New York City area with the METRO referral card. The card is valid for one visit with no borrowing privileges. 

Read Access Other Libraries for more information
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How do I log in to Poly's VPN?

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If you are having trouble logging in to the library's databases, you may want to access them through Poly's Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Go to: https://polyvpn.poly.edu
Use the same login information you use for MYPoly. Once you log in, click the gray tab labeled "Network."  After the VPN connection is established, your computer will behave exactly as if it is physically on campus, so you will not have to log in to the library databases. 

For further assistance, contact Information Systems at 718-260-3123 or help@poly.edu.
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Can Polytechnic alumni use Bobst Library?

284 views   |   37   49   |   Last updated on May 13, 2014    alumni Bobst NYU access

No, but alumni may become a Friend of Bobst Library to gain access.
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Can I use my wireless laptop in Bobst?

278 views   |   48   46   |   Last updated on May 13, 2014    Bobst laptop wireless

Yes. You will need to use your NYU NetID and password. Information on how to connect.
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Can I reserve a study room at Bobst?

277 views   |   36   46   |   Last updated on May 13, 2014    Bobst NYU access study room

Yes. Use your NYU NetID to complete the electronic reservation form. Please see Study Rooms for more details and instructions.
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Do I have access to NYU consortium and affiliated libraries?

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Cooper Union     New School     NY School of Interior Design     Columbia University
NYU-Poly Students Yes No No No*
NYU-Poly Faculty Yes No No Yes*

*Full-time faculty and doctoral students can register for access to Columbia through the Manhattan Research Library Initiative.

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How do I log in?

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Use the first part of your email address and your NYU-Poly ID number to log in to both your library account and to use Dibner Library databases when off-campus. Consult the Login Help page for more information.
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How do I renew a book?

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  1. Online: Log in by clicking “My Library Account.” Your login is the first part of your NYU-Poly email address (before the @ sign) and your password is your NYU-Poly ID number.
  2. In Person: Come to the service desk on the main floor of the library and provide your ID card.
  3. By phone: Call 718-260-3530 and provide your full name.

You may renew a book one time, unless the book is overdue or on hold for another user. 

Interlibrary Loan Books:
You may not renew books borrowed via interlibrary loan online. Renewals are subject to approval by the lending library. Speak to a librarian before the due date to request a renewal.

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How do I access NYU's electronic databases?

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You can gain access to electronic resources shared among NYU libraries in a variety of ways:
The Dibner Library website features databases that gear towards science, engineering, math and technology. For access to a complete listing of databases that cover a wide range of subject matter, use the NYU Libraries database portal.
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How do I get books or articles not available at Dibner Library?

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If the item you need is not available at Dibner Library you may request it from another library using E-ZBorrow or Interlibrary Loan (E-ZBorrow is just for books).

Faculty and Ph.D. students can requests books from Bobst and Courant Libraries to be delivered to Dibner Library. See poly.libguides.com/bookdelivery for instructions. 
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May I use NYU Libraries' Interlibrary Loan?

247 views   |   42   44   |   Last updated on May 13, 2014    interlibrary loan

No, use the Dibner Library Interlibrary Loan form.
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